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Two Hour School in Prague hosts its first Open Day of 2020

The educational program for English-speaking children in Prague, Two Hour School, hosts its first Open Day of the year. The event will take place on Wednesday, 29th January 2020 from 16:30 until 18:00 at the school’s premises at Londýnská 34, Prague 2. Registrations are open to all parents with children interested in more information about the Two Hour School courses.

The Two Hour School is intended for children from international families living in the Czech Republic who are attending Czech schools. International primary school teachers provide these children with lessons in humanities, natural sciences and literacy in English. This gives them an insight into the English way of teaching, in order to open up opportunities for them to study at an English or international school anywhere in the world in the future. It also bolsters confidence and encourages critical thinking.

The Open Day is an informal event during which the families will have an opportunity to meet the founders and teachers at Two Hour School and ask them about the curriculum and their way of teaching. A kids corner with entertainment for children will be prepared in the classroom as well as refreshments. All children who attend the Open Day will also be invited to a free demonstration class, the date of which can be arranged at the Open Day.

Ben Koper, one of the founders of the Two Hour School, said:

“We strongly believe in a personal approach in our work, and we are also aware that our system is very new and unknown to the Czech market. That is why we have decided to organize an event for all of those who would like to get to know us better, and who might have some questions about what the Two Hour School offers to their children.”

Two Hour School program is taught in two groups divided into 6 - 9 and 9 - 12 years of age. Courses take place in classrooms in Prague 2 in Londýnská 34 or in Žukovského 6, Prague 6. The price per month (16 lessons) is 6000 CZK and the registrations for the second half of the school year are already open. To register for the Open Day, please send an email to contact@two-hour-school.cz.

For more information about Two Hour School please visit www.two-hour-school.cz.

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