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Two Hour School celebrates its first anniversary with new courses for Czech as well as expat kids

The international educational program in English for children attending Czech schools, Two Hour School, has introduced a broader offer of courses starting this September. These will now include courses suitable for Czech and expat kids living in Prague for whom English is not their native language. The school will now also offer some of their courses in ZŠ Hanspaulka, Prague 6.

The Two Hour School is intended for families with children who are attending Czech schools but seek international opportunities in the future. International primary school teachers provide these children with lessons in humanities, natural sciences and literacy in English. This gives them an insight into the English way of teaching and enables them to develop the abilities and confidence that one gains from a multi-cultural environment. The goal is to open up opportunities for these children to study at an English or international school or a university anywhere in the world in the future.

Jon Ogden, one of the founders of the Two Hour School, said:

We started Two Hour School a year ago to provide an international education supplement in English to families like ours - those living an expat life in Prague with English being their home language, but with the kids studying in Czech at local schools. Over the year, we have been approached by many Czech parents, as well as parents of other nationalities, who wanted to open up these international opportunities for their children without having the advantage of a native knowledge of English. We decided to react to this demand and we are excited to be able to welcome our first new local students this month.”

The Two Hour School was founded in the autumn 2019 as an educational program for English-speaking children attending Czech schools. Due to increasing demand from locals as well as non-English speaking foreigners living in Prague, the school has decided to adjust their courses to fit both, English speaking natives as well as children from different backgrounds. Whilst their International Primary School Courses will continue running, the school added English as a foreign language courses to its portfolio. These are intended for children that would like to sign up for the multi-subject course but need to improve their English language skills beforehand. The new courses will be lead by experienced native teachers and are framed to prepare the children for receiving a general education in English.

The Two Hour School program is taught in two groups divided into 6 - 9 and 9 - 12 years of age. International Primary School Courses as well as the preparatory English language courses take place in classrooms in Prague 2, Rumunská 28 or in Prague 6, Žukovského 580. The original multi-subject program for bilingual kids will now also be taught in ZŠ Hanspaulka, Sušická 1000/29. The price per month (16 lessons) is 4000 CZK and registration for the new school year 2020/2021 is already open. The courses are scheduled to start in the week starting 14th September.

For more information about Two Hour School please visit www.two-hour-school.cz.

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